Photo Gallery by Robert Šipek 

Robert Šipek was born in Zagreb in 1963. He graduated from photography at the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb in 1981. Photo reporter in Vjesnik and Večernji list from 1985 to 1993, where he became editor of photography.

He captures war photographs for the AP (Asociated press) in 1990 and 1991, and publishes them in the world's leading daily and weekly newspapers.

He exhibited newspaper photography at several group exhibitions, the first prize at the 1991 war photography exhibition in Trakoscan, the photo of the month in the selection of the photographic section of the Croatian Journalists' Association in 1992.

Since 2008 he has been engaged in artistic photography, most of which captures nature.

Selection of portfolio photos

by Robert Šipek










It can be said that the landscape motif is one of the most popular subjects of photographic art. Landscape motif does not require instant reaction and presence on the spot at the right moment, but above all conceptualizing and reflecting on the motif, in order for the motif to enter the camera in the best way and create a lasting image of unusual beauty. This was the case in analog time, but also in digital. Nature, however, is so rich in pixels (not to mention the atmosphere, the flicker of air, smells, countless valeries, sounds ...) that "capturing" all the pictorial wealth it provides requires a personal commitment not only to nature but to the camera .

Robert Sipek possesses such double enthusiasm; each selected landscape image clearly speaks of his skill in observing the dynamics of change that nature alone can provide, and to translate his observations into the poetics of a unique and unique photographic image.

Author: Želimir Koščević

He is a member of ULUPUH